FAQ for virtual presentations


  1. Is the virtual presentation to be recorded or live?


Listed below are guides and a video for voice narration for PowerPoint.
After creating the PPTSX file, “Save As” MP4 (note these files are typically large and you may want to compress to reduce the size).
You can also use Zoom or similar platform to record your presentation as a MP4 and upload (these MP4 files are typically much smaller than from PPT).
Note: we suggest you use a headset when recording to avoid picking up room noise or laptop noise such as the fan or disk.

Directions for voice narration for PowerPoint

YouTube Video for voice narration for PowerPoint

YouTube Video for Zoom recording (MP4)

  1. Would the presentation be in slide format ? If not, what would it be otherwise?

Yes, slides. With voice over narration.

  1. What would be the duration for each presentation under each session?

Sessions vary from 90-120 minutes, with 3-6 papers every 20 minutes including Q&A.
We suggest the presentation be approx. 15 minutes so there is 5 minutes for Q&A. Please rehearse so you keep to the allotted time.

  1. Would I be expected to share the content slides earlier for collating? Or do we individually present from our systems ?

We require the recorded presentation to be uploaded to the cloud by June 1 so we have time to review and incorporate in the session.