Tuesday, June 2

Pre-conference Workshop (separate registration)

Immersive Entrepreneurship Seminar


Friday, June 5

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Driving Innovation & Intrapreneurship Workshop

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Driving Innovation & Intrapreneurship Workshop

Date: Friday June 5, 2020
Time: 1:00 – 3:00 PM

Instructor: Sudeendra Koushik, Chief Innovator & Co-Founder PRASU


How to drive Innovation and Intrapreneurship within an organisation or Entrepreneurship in start-ups. The workshop will explore practical approaches connecting innovation and business, using a people-centric approach. The workshop will discuss how to deliver successful innovations (generate new ideas within companies be it new products, derives, processes, business models and more) on a regular basis, within a company. Case-studies and practical tools to drive business-relevant Innovation will be discussed during the workshop. A special case on R&D center of Automobile industry will be discussed.


  • Part 1 – The way to go about Innovation in developing Innovators and Intrapreneurs, some level of tools, techniques and frameworks, designing program to make it work and implement in an organisation such as an R&D centre.
  • Part 2 – case study: R&D center of Automobile industry will be discussed.

Instructor Bio:

Dr Sudeendra Thirtha Koushik, BE, MBA, PG-Strategy (IIM-K), PhD (Innovation), SMIEEE, MIE is Chief Innovator & Co-Founder PRASU www.weatPRASU.com an Innovation Consulting company.

Koushik is a leadership coach, helping technical people transition from task focused roles to task plus people-oriented roles. He conducts various workshops to inspire people to achieve more, better and help contribute to the society very productively.

He is also a cartoonist, sportsman, TV and movie artist, Stand-up comedian among other things.

As the Chief Innovator and co-founder of PRASU, Mr. Koushik advises major companies such as Bosch, Continental, General Motors, Mercedes Benz, Volvo etc. on Innovation strategy, Integrated Innovation talent management for Innovation culture, scaling business relevant Innovation, Innovation planning and Execution, developing Innovators & Intrapreneurs, developing Intellectual property leadership for business growth. Koushik works with Start-ups and Incubation centres and accelerators and connects Industry and Start-ups.

Koushik also links academia and Industry through workshops and technical talks on Innovation. Koushik has also developed a syllabus for academia in Innovation & Intrapreneurship to enhance employability.

Mr. Koushik has been a passionate and practicing Innovator & technology professional throughout his career of 26 years, with more than 20 national & international patents in various stages and his areas of specialisation include:

  • Innovation Strategy, developing Innovators and business relevant Innovation
  • Intrapreneurship to convert ideas into new Products and Services for Business growth,
  • IP & Patents,
  • Technology & Innovation Competence Management,
  • Linking Industry and Start-ups, Mentoring start-ups,
  • Innovation capability assessment
  • Technical Manager Mentoring & Coaching

Koushik has held positions of increasing responsibility in innovation at Philips in Singapore, The Netherlands and India, at HCL and at TTK.

Mr. Koushik has spoken at TEDx, and is a member of Visiting Faculty at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and at National Institute of Design, Bangalore, an Advisor to Incubator I-Max at IIIT-Bangalore. He is Editor of the IEEE TEMS LEADER magazine. He is a member of the Board of Governors, IEEE Technology & Engineering Management Society (TEMS), member of the Academic Council and the Industry Interaction at PES College of Engineering Mandya, Board Member Innovation Center Raisoni College, Nagpur. He is Vice Chairman of Industry Activities for the IEEE India Council, member of the IEEE Asia Pacific Committee on Innovation. He is past-chairman of the IEEE Bangalore Section.


3:00 pm – 5:00 pm