Managing the Development of Connected Systems


Sessions in Three Time Zones: America, Asia, Europe
June 3 9AM EDT – June 5 10AM EDT

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EDAS IDDayTime & ZoneAlt Time & Zone
JUNE 3 20209AM - 4PM EDT
Americas - Keynote Speaker9:00 AM EDT
Opening Remarks -
Andy Chen, TEMS
Ray Sasinowski, TEMSCON 2020 Chair
Tugrul Daim, Program Chair
"Managing Macro Level Supply Chain Disruptions: Lessons from COVID-19"
Sri Talluri, Michigan State University
Americas - Technology Management Session: CHAIR RAYMOND SASINOWSKI11:00 AM EDT
1570635539Evolution of Korean Smart City Programs: Challenges and Opportunities
1570635528The Effect on Productivity of the 3 P Methodology Applied to Production Processes for the Ventilation and Air Extraction Industry
1570635290Decision Making with Hierarchical Decision Model to Expedite the Manufacturing Process at Streimer Sheet Metal Works, lnc.
1570631188M2M technology for bus fleet management. Case study: A college transportation system
Lunch Break1:00 PM EDT
Americas - Emerging Technologies Session 1: CHAIR DAVID MINDHAM2:00 PM EDT
1570627689Crime Analysis Mapping, Intrusion Detection - Using Data Mining
1570634090Scalable and Secure Architecture for Distributed IoT Systems
1570634985Virtual and Augmented Reality Applied in Power Electric Utilities for Human Interface Improvement - A Study Case for Best Practices
1570634097Word Embedding-based Text Processing for Comprehensive Summarization and Distinct Information Extraction
JUNE 3-4 202011:30 PM - 3:30 AM EDT
Asia Emerging Technologies - CHAIR: RAVIKIRAN ANNASAWAMY3-Jun 11:30 PM EDT9:00 AM INDIA ST
1570635538Research on Blockchain for Sustainable E-Agriculture
1570633138Product Development Strategy Definition using Qualitative Patent Analysis
1570635383Technology Concept Development and Refinement using 6E Incubator Method
Asia Innovation Management - CHAIR: SUDEENDRA KOUSHIK4-Jun 1:30 AM EDT11:00 AM INDIA ST
1570635496How to bring positive societal change through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? Modeling the social responsible enablers using ISM-MICMAC
1570635485Feature Driven Agile Product Innovation Management Framework
1570635512Obstacles to Innovation - Is There a Need for Consensus?
1570635520An Approach for Developing Integrated Decision Support System Model for Optimizing Contracting Process of Public Procurement in Pakistan
JUNE 4 20209AM - 4PM EDT
Americas - Editorial Panel - CHAIR: TUGRUL DAIM9:00 AM EDT
Editors from different journals
Americas - Emerging Technologies Session 2 - CHAIR: ANDY CHEN12:00 PM EDT
1570634103A Trustworthy Recruitment Process for Spatial Mobile Crowdsourcing in Large-scale Social IoT
1570634107Optimal Team Recruitment Strategies for Collaborative Mobile Crowdsourcing Systems
1570635504Leveraging Personal Navigation Assistant Systems Using Automated Social Media Traffic Reporting
1570640049Selection of a machine learning algorithm for OSHA fatalities
Americas - Entrepreneurship Session - CHAIR: TUGRUL DAIM2:00 PM EDT
1570634179An Assessment of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: The case of Saudi Arabia
1570635541The Key Attributes that Drive University Entrepreneurship
1570640502A Team Competency Framework for Engineering Entrepreneurship Education
1570635285The Role of Compassion in IT-Based Social Entrepreneurship
1570635526Does Money Makes Entrepreneurs Happy In The Age Of Industries 4.0?
1570631959Simulation of a Generalized Equation for Innovation in Complex Adaptive Systems
JUNE 5 20203AM -10AM EDT
Europe Technology Management 1 - CHAIR: JOE AMADI ECHENDU3:00 AM EDT9:00 AM CEST
Opening Remarks
Robert Bierwolf. IEEE TEMS VP Conferences
1570635015Assessing the Technology Readiness Level of Current Blockchain Use Cases
1570633348Influence of organizational culture in the adoption of agile
1570632477A Multidisciplinary Case Study on Managing the Resilience of Connected systems
1570619491Paradigm Shift of Social Enterprise in India
Europe Innovation Management - CHAIR: LEON PRETORIUS5:00 AM EDT11:00 AM CEST
1570634994Methodology Concept for the Determination of the Idea-specific Requirement Space for the Execution of Radical Innovations
1570635082Time-To-Market and Product Performance Trade-off Revisited
1570635044Methodology for the determination of the logic of innovation ideas for technical systems
Europe Technology Management Session 2 - CHAIR: PATRICK SCHOLZ8:00 AM EDT2:00 PM CEST
1570635360Assessing the utility potential of new technologies
1570635367Identification of multidimensional key performance indicators for manufacturing companies
1570635371Software Tool for the Selection of 3D Print Service Providers in the context of Spare Parts Logistics
Europe - Closing Remarks
Robert Bierwolf. IEEE TEMS VP Conferences
9:00 AM EDT3:00 PM CEST
** END **9:15 AM EDT3:15 PM CEST