TEMSCON 2020 – Virtual Registration (Non-Authors)

Due to COVID-19, TEMSCON 2020 is now a fully virtual event. Attendance to listen to the presentations is now free for non-authors, but registration is required. We have created  a special registration option for non-author attendees: https://meetings.vtools.ieee.org/m/229907

Individuals wishing to receive a copy of the conference proceedings should register via the conference registration on temscon.org and chose the Proceedings Access registration option.

A link to the virtual sessions will be sent out prior to the start of the event. The conference schedule is posted on the TEMSCON website. Note we have sessions being broadcast in in three Time Zones: America, Asia, Europe.

TEMSCON 2020 will bring together engineering leaders, researchers, educators, innovators, entrepreneurs, and students to gather at the conference to help advance the understanding and the state of practice related to successful technology and engineering management from around the world and focuses on the art and science of management and leadership driving innovation and change.

TEMSCON 2020’s theme is “Managing the Development of Connected Systems”. The greater Detroit area has a long history as a hub for engineering and manufacturing automobiles. With the ever-accelerating progress on innovation and a push for mark-ready automated, connected and electrified vehicles, Detroit remains the heart of the automotive industry. Southeast Michigan has also diversified its economic base in emerging technology areas including information technology, health care and biomedical, power and energy, advanced manufacturing, and higher education and research. The conference provides a venue where different points of view interact to yield new understanding and ideas on leading innovation as well as the future of technology and engineering management.

TEMSCON 2020 Topics

  • Innovating in rapidly changing markets, e.g. biotech and health care and manufacturing
  • Leading and managing innovation and transformation
  • Adopting new technologies: challenges and risk mitigation
  • Managing in-vehicle software versions and interoperability among the different vehicle ages & brands
  • Understanding trends and applicability of new technologies
  • Leveraging enterprise data, e.g., successful use of AI, analytics, blockchain and IoT
  • Leading societal change, e.g., mobility, intelligent transportation, healthcare and public policy
  • Enhancing industry, university, and/or government collaboration
  • Developing personal skills for leading innovation initiatives

See the complete conference schedule on the TEMSCON website. Or download the conference program to preview the sessions.